This pizza delivery guy stops fleeing suspect in police chase with sweet as ankle tap
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Pizza delivery guy stops fleeing suspect in police chase with sweet as ankle tap

Watch the moment here.

This pizza delivery guy became the hero of the internet yesterday. 

A video has gone viral of a pizza delivery dude stopping a fleeing suspect with a beautifully executed ankle tap - all while still holding onto his pizza. What a bloke.

29-year-old Tyler was delivering pizza to a home in Aston, Pennsylvania over the weekend, when an alleged car thief drove across the house’s lawn before the driver jumped out and started running from the cops. 

The clip, which was recorded via a doorbell camera, shows Tyler realising a car chase was unfolding on the street as he says, “Oh, shit.”

He starts to approach the scene, and says “You better not hit my f**king car, dude.”

The suspect then jumps out of the car and starts running across the footpath - and that’s when Tyler executes his ankle tap perfectly, causing the suspect to go flying straight into the pavement. 

The cops were then able to catch the suspect and take him into custody.

"I could see him get away from the cop and I'm like, 'I'm right here, so I might as well do something,'" Tom told CBS News. "Yeah, I might as well throw my leg out."

He continued, "I really tried to just make him stumble, so they can catch up to him but I didn't mean to send him flying, so that's the craziest part of it.”

The woman who ordered the pizza confirmed that the large half plain, half pepperoni pizza was indeed still delivered fresh. 

The video has been doing the rounds on the internet recently, with a lot of commenters hailing Tyler a legend. 

Serving pizza and justice - how good.