Us tourist fight Kangaroo
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WATCH: US bloke scraps a kangaroo after it tries to get frisky with a gal at a wildlife park

Another chapter in the age-old saga of man rumbling with roo.

A US tourist is going viral after fighting a hard battle against a kangaroo who was making moves on a nearby lady.

The absolute scenes went down at a wildlife sanctuary called Cohunu Koala Park in Perth, Australia. 

A TikToker named Brooke shared the ridiculous footage of her dad getting into a proper punch-up with the randy roo, who was keen to go for as many rounds as needed.

According to Brooke, the brawl erupted when her dad stepped up to protect a woman from the romantic advances of the kangaroo. 

In the clip, you can see the kangaroo trying to get cosy with the lady before Brooke's dad leaps into action, using his body as a barrier. The Aussie marsupial, not too hoppy with this interruption, decides it's game on! 

*Ding, ding, ding*

Behind the camera, a voice encourages the daring duo, saying, "Welp, Here's your chance to fight a kangaroo!"

Brooke's dad does his best to create some distance by flailing his arms and legs, but the kangaroo remained ready to rumble. 

It retaliates with its signature tail-lunging kicks, and things escalate quickly.

In a surprising turn of events, another brave bloke joins the fray, attempting to deter the animal. Cause ya know, power in numbers and all that. 

But even with two against one, the kangaroo doesn't back down. It's the sort of stuff you'd usually expect to see at the local after a few too many lemonades, not at a wildlife park.

SOURCE: on TikTok

Thankfully, the wildlife park's superhero arrives on the scene right at the end of the brawl and gives the kangaroo a good telling off like a naughty kid, which seems to do the trick.

SOURCE: on TikTok

Obviously it's not a bright idea to box a kangaroo on its home turf in Aus, and heaps of the comments pointed out the bloke probably made things worse for himself by confronting old mate Skippy in such an aggressive way. Remember, these bastards can do some serious damage.

Of course, this is far from the first time man and roo have rumbled in Australia - remember this guy who went full mad-dog on a marsupial invader in his backyard?

Don't tell your boss we got you wasting your whole afternoon watching Man vs Skippy vids, mkay?