WATCH: Bird goes viral for teaching his parrot mate how to headbang to huge Disturbed track
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WATCH: Bird goes viral for teaching his parrot mate how to headbang to huge Disturbed track

Rock out with your cockatoo out!

One effing sick bird is going viral for absolutely rocking out to Disturbed’s all-time classic ‘Down With The Sickness’. 

Posted to TikTok by Lalalocokojo, the moshpit-worthy bird is a cockatoo named Ghost. Not only does ol’ mate headbang like crazy, but the bird windmills its whole neck. Scenes. 

Footage of the hectic moves has racked up over 3 million views and over 530k likes. Disturbed even noticed the bird, commenting on an IG repost: “😂🤘🤘”. 

Commenters are impressed with the little fowl-a and getting their own bird jokes in. 

“Might wanna get him checked out,” one person wrote. “I’m not a vet but I think he’s come down with the sickness.”

“That’s not a cockatoo,” another said, “that’s a rockatoo.”

“This just proves headbanging is extremely primal,” a third added. 

“He’s just going through his teenage angst phase with the heavy metal and destructive behaviour,” one more wrote. 

Ghost has great musical taste. There are also videos of him hitting his signature move to System Of A Down’s ‘Chop Suey’ and Slayer’s ‘The Antichrist’. 

The rockatoo isn’t the only animal that’s got a craving for metal. Earlier this year, a dog snuck out of its house and went straight to a Metallica concert. 

Storm, believed to be an Akita/Shephard mix, attended the band’s epic concert at LA’s SoFi Stadium, evidenced by a hilarious photo of her sitting in a chair at the show. Metallica posted the pic of the metal-loving pup to their social media, sharing her story and getting some jokes off. 

I need a full feature-length movie starring Ghost and Storm (two epic names) as they bring heavy metal music to the animal kingdom, becoming best mates in the process.