Is this the best way to sneak into a festival ever? Ask these dudes and their bags of lettuce
Funny Shit
Funny Shit

Is this the best way to sneak into a festival ever? Ask these dudes and their bags of lettuce

They said they work for Bob's Burgers... and it worked.

There’s an ancient adage that states: “They’ll let you in anywhere if you’re wearing a high-vis jacket.” Now, it looks like we might have to include ‘or holding bags of lettuce’ to that mantra.

Life hacking and prankster influencer duo Greedy Guys are the men behind a vegetable-based hack to get into a festival for free. Wearing an official-looking earpiece, standard festie clothing and holding four bags of lettuce, they rocked up to the gates of Rolling Loud Festival in Miami and told security they were there to work. 

“We have to refill the lettuces at Bob’s Burger Bar,” one of them said. “I’m from back office.”

After absolutely minimal questioning from the ‘security’, the fellas were in. To celebrate, they started handing out heads of lettuce to festival-goers. 

Commenters are either firing off jokes or in disbelief at the simplicity of it, even questioning if it’s real. 

“Just lettuce in,” wrote one person. 

“Imagine the guard after seeing everyone with lettuce,” said another. 

“If I got one of those, I would’ve spent the rest of the night looking for a bottle of ranch,” a third added. 

“They’re not even dressed like they’re working,” one more pointed out. “They’re dressed for the festival. Either this is fake, or that security guard is really bad at his job.”

Another hack that made headlines was when an Aussie bloke took advantage of a glitching ATM. 

It wouldn't stop feeding him money, so he got a bunch of cash out and went on a four-month bender. He got out over NZ$1.7 million and had such a crazy time with it that it’s being made into a movie. 

I’m gonna say it's doubtful the lettuce boys will inspire a screenplay anytime soon - but I'd definitely watch that movie if they did.