Bloke gets plastic ball stuck inside anus after ‘shoving it in’ to try remove piles
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Bloke gets plastic ball stuck inside anus after ‘shoving it in’ to try remove piles

So much to unpack here.

Strap in cause this is one hell of a yarn.

A 51-year-old bloke needed to get a plastic ball yanked out of his behind after shoving it in there to supposedly treat his ‘haemorrhoids.’

As reported by Daily Mail, the man was rushed to the hospital by his wife after the plastic ball, which was the size of a tennis ball, had been stuck inside of him for two days.

He told doctors that his wife grabbed a carpet-cleaning ball from the vacuum and pushed it into his anus to try and remove his piles. But after it got stuck inside, the bloke tried to get it out using a screwdriver and a spoon. Ouch.

But when surgeons went to remove the ball, they found no evidence of haemorrhoids. They also had a hard time removing the ball, so the bloke had to stay overnight. 

The next day, surgeons got him to lay flat on his back with his legs in the air, as kindly demonstrated by Rog and Mulls below. (You’re welcome.)

Rog and Mulls demonstrating.

Surgeons armed themselves with ‘sufficient lubrication’ and tried to yank the ball out manually.

But get this, the ball was ‘wider than the pelvic outlet’ so this attempt failed, and they were left with no other option but to cut open the man’s stomach. Even that attempt failed.

Dr Mohammad Athamnah and colleagues noted, “unfortunately, the foreign body was tightly wedged in the pelvis, thus moving the impacted ball upwards was also unsuccessful.”

So, surgeons ended up carefully cutting the ball into smaller pieces using an electric drill, which was inserted through his dilated anus. The surgeons were finally, after a seven hour surgery, able to retrieve the ball with ‘minimal damage.’

Told you it was one hell of a yarn.