HBO finally drops a trailer for ‘The Last of Us’ TV series and fans are fizzing
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HBO finally drops a trailer for ‘The Last of Us’ TV series and fans are fizzing

Pedro Pascal from 'Mandalorian' stars, and it's written by the bloke who wrote 'Chernobyl', unreal.
27 September 2022 2:26PM

Video game fanatics are getting pumped after watching HBO’s brand new trailer for vigeo game to TV show adaption of ‘The Last of Us’ . 

The show will star Pedro Pascal (as Joel)  and Bella Ramsey (as Elle), both from Game of Thrones, in leading roles. Craig Mazin, the writer behind ‘Chernobyl’ wil, will be taking the helm for ‘The Last of Us’ alongside Neil Druckman, the video game creator

Check out the trailer below. 

In case ya didn’t know, ‘The Last of Us’ - coincidentally the same name as the autobiography of Andrew Mulligan’s remaining hair follicles - is one of the most renowned video games of the last ten years. It won a shit ton of awards (too many to list), sold over 1 million units in its first week, and is the third highest rated game on the Playstation score (behind two heavyweights in ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ and ‘Red Dead Redemption 2’).

It follows Joel and Elle in a post-apocalyptic world with a bunch of freaky-looking zombie-like creatures that originated from a fungus outbreak as they try to survive in one fucked up world and find a cure. 

Back to the trailer, fans are absolutely digging it. Nowadays, many trailers and TV show previews, especially adaptations, tend to get abused and dismissed before they even come out (see ‘Rings of Power’), so it’s good to see a bit of hope and positivity from ‘Last of Us’ fans. 

“I absolutely cannot wait for this. It really looks like they tried so hard to honour the game and make it phenomenal. I’m so ready,” said one YouTube commenter.

“This series has been a ‘?’ for me since the announcement [back in 2020]. Adapting this series will be extremely hard, but this teaser looks phenomenal and gives me hope (also the HBO funding),” said another. 

A couple more were cautiously optimistic. 

“I love the story and the characters of ‘The Last of Us’. I’m always a little nervous when something I love this much gets a sequel, or an adaptation, etc. But I think this trailer shows promise,” wrote one more. 

“I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited, and at the same time more nervous for a tv show. They have some amazing people working on this, and I hope they can bring this story to the masses because this story deserves it.”