James Hetfield asks audience about ‘St. Anger’ onstage, get boos in return
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James Hetfield asks audience about ‘St. Anger’ onstage, get boos in return

“That one’s from your favourite album, St. Anger!”

James Hetfield recently asked the crowd about the band’s album St. Anger at a show, and you can already guess what the crowd’s reaction was like.

It’s common knowledge that plenty of Metallica fans don't love the 2003 album, which became controversial due to the musical direction the band decided to take with it. But James Hetfield and the band take the criticism in their stride and have a bit of fun with it.

At the recent show, Hetfield says to the audience, 

“Question for you. You can honestly answer it to the best of your knowledge. St. Anger?”, as he gestures his thumbs up and down. The crowd erupts with some cheers, but mostly boos.

St. Anger,” he says again, gesturing his thumbs down. 

Once again, more enthusiastically, “St. Anger!” he yells, with thumbs up.

“I’m trying to influence you. Let’s give it another shot, shall we?” Hetfield laughs, before the band rip into Dirty Window, the fourth track on the controversial-album. 

Another video captures Hetfield joking with the audience at a different show, sarcastically saying:

“That one’s from your favourite album, St. Anger!” 

He replies to the boos with, “Oh come on, it’s growing on you now. Just give it a little more time buddy, you’ll get it!” 

Adding, “OK, eight more songs from St. Anger, ready? Just kidding!” 

The comments in the videos seem to be pretty mixed, with plenty of fans coming to the albums’ defence. 

One comment says, “St. Anger never gets respect. It's in the lyrics!”

While another wrote, “Honestly, their live-performances of St. Anger are usually amazing.”

And in general, fans just love how much fun Hetfield is having with it. 

One fan wrote, “How can you not love James....? Dude is great.”