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The mullets from ‘The Great Taranaki Mullet Comp 2022’ are absolutely glorious

Over 70 blokes rocked up with their luscious locks on display.
16 September 2022 1:48PM

Last weekend something incredible happened, over 70 blokes from around Taranaki, young and old, gathered together to show off and pit their mullets against each other. 

‘The Great Taranaki Mullet Comp 2022’ took place at the Crowded House Bar and Cafe down in the ‘naki last Sunday and me oh my some incredible lids showed up that day. 

Check out all the pictures from the event below. 

Emma Puletaha talked to TodayFM about the competition. She said it all started when a local legend by the name of Muzza, who’s known for his killer party-in-the-back-business-in-the-front hair-do came to her with the idea. 

“We’ve got a really interesting guy in Taranaki called Muzza and he has an epic mullet,” she said.

“He ran up to me one day and told me I needed to do a mullet competition and I thought it was a great idea, something fun to do, and we just ran with it.”

Muzza, real name Murray McDowell, is running for New Plymouth mayor, with the campaign slogan ‘Vote the mullet’. What a bloke

Emma goes on to say she had no clue the mullet was so popular and held a special place in people’s hearts. 

“It is [a way of life] and a lot of us had no idea there we so many people out there that embraced the mullet.”

If you’re wondering who won the best mullet of The Great Taranaki Mullet Championship, the honour went to Ricky Enoka. 

Emma told Stuff that Ricky won because “the length, style, top-cut was sharp and his personality. He came out and whipped it around so that was part of the judging."

Ricky with his award winning mullet blowing

The event proved to be an absolute hit, with over 250 people showing up to witness the glorious heads of hair the place was “jam-packed” according to Emma.