Dude with sick moustache goes viral for singing, playing guitar and drums all at the same time
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Dude with sick moustache goes viral for singing, playing guitar and drums all at the same time

He goes by the name Steelbeans and writes all his own tunes.

There’s a bloke out there rocking an incredible moustache that plays the guitar, the drums, and sings all at the same time and it is awesome. 

He goes by Steelbeans and a clip of him rocking out recently went viral, gaining over 850,000 views on TikTok and over 9 friggin million views on Twitter. 

Check out that clip below. 

As if the clip wasn’t awesome enough, it turns out the bloke wrote the song himself. In fact, he’s written a whole bunch of songs that he plays in his one-man band. 

The song in the above clip is called ‘Molotov Cocktail Lounge’ and it’s on all streaming services. 

Steelbeans has actually been making music for fifteen years with his first album coming out in 2007. He’s released 12 albums since and, thanks to his recent virality, is going on his first-ever tour of the USA - the beauty of the internet right there.  

He recently posted to Reddit looking for venues to play at and asking if there’s any bands he can open for. 

“I’ve emailed venues until the skin wore off my fingers and at this point I’d be happy for any slot,” he wrote. 

“My stuff is definitely very 60s rock but includes some 70s punk feel and some other genres along with some comedy and experimental strangeness. I will not bore your crowd I will tell you that,” he finished. 

We hope that this bloke does get some spots to play at, he is legitimately talented and rocks the fuck out. 

One-man bands seem to be popping off on the internet at the moment. A couple of weeks ago a bloke went viral for playing an electric cello in a park while in his undies. That dude has also been making music for a while, going by the stage name Mr Marcaille. 

Do we smell a collaboration?