In very dangerous news, KFC has launched an all-you-can-eat buffet
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In very dangerous news, KFC has launched an all-you-can-eat buffet

Get. Me. Round.

In some very bloody dangerous news, KFC has launched an all-you-can-eat buffet.  

Tokyo, Japan is the lucky city that’s gotten the KFC buffet, and it comes after years of the fast food franchise testing the concept in multiple countries worldwide.

We don’t know why they didn’t test it out in New Zealand - it's very New Zealander to smash back some Wicked Wings and fries and regret it thirty minutes later - no one does it better than us. 

According to Buzznicked, there are over 50 different menu items available and you can have 80 minutes of access for 1,980 yen (NZ$24.10). 

The KFC menu in Japan looks a bit different from the one we have here. There is, of course, the classic K-Fry chicken, but there’s also tandoori chicken, salads (in case you want your health kick at KFC), garlic rice, pancakes, biscuits, croissants, cheesy potatoes, shrimp macaroni, dessert fries, and curry instead of the usual KFC gravy.

There are also unlimited drinks (including alcohol) and soft-serve ice cream on offer, not bad. 

I’m normally a big stickler for staying with the same meal whenever I go to KFC (Zinger Box meal with extra Wicked Wings thank you very much), but if I’m at a buffet you best believe I’m going to try everything on the menu. 

An underrated part of the KFC buffet experience would be the fact that you can pick your own pieces of chicken, saving you from the catastrophe of finding a shit wing or thigh in front of you. Not to mention the price - $35 for unlimited KFC when $25 here in NZ gets you just a single meal? Get me to Japan ASAP.

TikTok commenters were saying they wish it was in their neighbourhood. 

“I’ll be dead within a year if I lived near one lol,” one commenter wrote. 

“Why can’t we have this??” said one more. 

Why not indeed?