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Tyson Fury's releasing a cover of 'Sweet Caroline' to raise funds for mental health

His debut solo single is set to raise money for a men's mental health charity, 'Talk Club.'

Boxing champion Tyson Fury's debut solo single is set to raise money for a men's mental health charity, 'Talk Club.'

The two-time heavyweight champion has recorded a cover of Neil Diamond's 'Sweet Caroline', and Tyson's single - which will be released on November 11 - and will raise funds for Talk Club.

Tyson - who has previously spoken about his own mental health struggles - explained: "Boxing has been a massive platform for me to spread the word on mental health and I have done it to the best of my ability. I have been very vocal about my mental health struggle, especially since my comeback.

"It has been widely printed about my highs and lows, ups and downs, so I’ve tried my best to keep talking about it as much as I can and keep trying to smash the stigma."

Tyson, 34, has previously sang tunes such as 'American Pie' and 'Walking in Memphis' after some of his most high-profile fights.

And Myn Jazeel, the senior vice president of Rhino Records UK, has relished the experience of working with the sporting icon.

Myn said: "It’s a huge privilege to work with a true global sporting legend and to help bring to fruition Tyson’s desire to continue to raise awareness around mental health issues.

"Tyson has done a brilliant recording of this classic track and has the voice and charisma to do the song justice."

Ben Akers and Gavin Thorpe, the co-founders of Talk Club, are similarly excited to have worked with Tyson.

They said: "Men see themselves in Tyson, so when he talks (or sings) they listen. So to be partnering with Tyson on something that raises the awareness of Talk Club, and gets men talking and improving their mental fitness, will save lives."

We didn't have a Tyson Fury cover of Neil Diamond on the cards for this year - but we're all for raising awareness around mental health.

Good on ya, Tyson.