Here's how often you should masturbate to lower your risk of cancer, and it ain't bad news lads
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Here's how often you should masturbate to lower your risk of cancer, and it ain't bad news lads

Those are rookie numbers.

Turns out that enjoying a bit of ‘me-time’ pretty frequently every month is actually doing yourself a favour - so go on lad. 

Back in 2017, researchers at the one and only Harvard University released a study that indicates blokes who ‘wrestle the dragon’ at least 21 times a month are 33% more likely to avoid getting prostate cancer later in life. 

Well how about that - 15-year-old me is letting out the biggest ‘I told you so’ right now.

How did Harvard come to this number though?

Well, they gathered the “ejaculation frequency” of 31,925 men aged between 20 - 29 and 40 - 49. A year later, they sent a questionnaire to those men and discovered “evidence of a beneficial role of more frequent ejaculation throughout adult life,” as said in the study’s conclusion. That means that jerking off is good for you. 

Scientists aren’t entirely sure what it is about wanking that lowers the risk of prostate cancer, but they suspect that when you climax you may be ejecting some toxins that could have turned into cancer later on. 

According to the Prostate Cancer Foundation NZ, prostate cancer is the second most commonly diagnosed cancer in Kiwi blokes (behind skin cancer). They report that every year, over 4000 of us are diagnosed, with 700 dying from the disease. 

In recent times, testing numbers have increased and the number of men dying from it is decreasing. It’s important to get tested often and early, as it’s way easier to treat the earlier you find it. 

It’s not just masturbating that will lower the risk of getting prostate cancer, so don’t go around yanking the yo-yo all day long. A healthy diet, exercise, and getting a check-up regularly all go a long way in reducing your risk of prostate cancer. 

But remember, wanking does help. So go on mate, go fuck yourself - for your health.