‘You rock the block’: Jack Black sends personal video to Palmerston North School
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‘You rock the block’: Jack Black sends personal video to Palmerston North School

Jack Black is a certified legend.

Jack Black sent a personal message and ‘rock and roll spirit’ to a school in Palmerston North after discovering they’re performing a production of his 2003 film ‘School of Rock’.

Palmerston North Intermediate Normal School received a video from the iconic actor and lead vocalist of Tenacious D after he caught wind of the production from a student’s parent with whom he had previously worked. 

“Palmerston North Intermediate Normal, it’s me, Jack Black,” Black started the video. “I heard you are doing ‘School of Rock’, are you doing ‘School of Rock’? Woo hoo, that rules.”

“Hey, you rule the school and you rock the block. And I just wanted to wish you luck, I wanted to send you good vibes and rock and roll spirit. Go get it!” he said before busting out the singing voice in a way only Jack Black can. 

Understandably, the kids freaked out when they saw the video. 

“They just went nuts when they knew what was happening,” Barry Jones, a teacher and the show’s production manager, told Stuff.

‘School of Rock’ is an incredible film and it’s so sick to see the next generation getting amongst it and learning the story of Dewey Finn and the music class he takes to ‘Battle of the Bands.’

The production has been a long time coming for the Palmerston North school. It was meant to kick off last year but got postponed due to Covid. There are 80 students partaking in the show and the actor playing the part of Dewey, Jesse Wallace, is no longer at the school but still has the spot because he’s just that good at acting, according to Stuff.

This just adds to the already unbreakable legacy of Jack Black,  I’m sure the kids will remember this for the rest of their lives.