School of Rock director joins Jack Black in confirming he's up for a sequel
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School of Rock director joins Jack Black in confirming he's up for a sequel

School of Rock Director Richard Linklater has said he's also keen for a sequel - but on one condition.

The director of the iconic film School of Rock has joined Jack Black in saying he’s keen for a sequel.

Earlier this year, Black revealed he was ‘ready’ for a follow-up to the 2003 film, which saw his character go from a struggling musician to a fake-but-fun substitute teacher who converts his class into a rock band.

Now, School of Rock Director Richard Linklater has echoed Black’s sentiment.

Speaking to UNILAD, Linklater was asked if he would be up for a second film, to which he replied: "Sure. It has been a long time. There was talk of it years ago but I’d love to work with Jack again. But there’s got to be a reason. There’s got to be something.

"Don’t do it unless there’s an idea, the reason we did two Before’s is there was a good idea screaming out, there’s something to express about this."

The publication pointed out that Top Gun: Maverick was a good example of a sequel with an idea and reason, and Linklater agreed, “Yeah, you’ve got to be incorporating that time, it resonates, it means something to people.”

Linklater continued, “There’s another type of sequel I usually call the ‘victory lap sequel’. They’re usually out pretty quick, they’re economic, and everyone knows it. We’re way beyond that, so why would you do it unless there’s something specific to tell?

He concluded, “There’s always a good idea to be had.”

With both the lead actor and the original director on board, we’ve gotta be one step closer to this sequel actually happening. 

To be fair though, Jack Black’s a busy man at the moment. He’s been living it up in Auckland with Jason Mamoa while working on The Minecraft Movie, visiting Japanese restaurants, throwing frisbees and climbing up Mount Eden.

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