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Axl Rose performs ‘November Rain’ at Lisa Marie Presley’s funeral

Have a watch here.

Axl Rose read a eulogy and performed a stripped-back version of ‘November Rain’ at Lisa Marie Presley’s memorial service over the weekend - check out the video above.

Lisa, who is the only child of Elvis and Priscilla Presley, passed away in her home on January 12th after suffering a cardiac arrest in California. 

Axl was a close friend of Priscilla’s, and read a touching three-minute-long eulogy in honour of his friend. 

"I never in a million years imagined singing here, and especially under these circumstances,” Axl said.

"This is truly devastating and I'm sure excruciating for everyone here and all of those affected by her passing. At the same time, one can see how hard everyone's worked, and is working, to make this as beautiful for Lisa as it can be and is. I'm honoured to be here for Lisa and her family.

“She was extremely proud, as proud as anyone could ever be of her father and his many accomplishments, his place in music, America and American and world history. She was also very proud of the 'Elvis' movie, and how she felt it portrayed her father, and the care that was put into the film by those involved — Mr. Luhrmann's vision and direction, and Austin Butler's dedication to the role of her father.”

He ended his speech by saying: "Lisa is loved and missed by many, and will continue to be loved and missed by all those whose lives she touched.”

Have a watch of Axl reading the eulogy below.

Following Axl's performance of 'November Rain,' he explained he was "pretty nervous and emotional" while up there, but says it "meant alot" to him to be able to honor his late friend.