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Metallica just dropped a brand new song ‘Screaming Suicide’

It goes hard!

Metallica have just dropped a new tune from their forthcoming album ‘72 Seasons’ - and it rips.

The song, named ‘Screaming Suicide’ addresses the taboo world of suicide, with the lyrics seemingly written from ‘suicide’s’ perspective. 

“The intention is to communicate about the darkness we feel inside,” says James Hetfield as per an official press release.

“It's ridiculous to think we should deny that we have these thoughts. At one point or another, I believe most people have thought about it. To face it is to speak the unspoken. If it's a human experience, we should be able to talk about it. You are not alone.”

Wise words from James. Give the music video a whirl up top. 

“Screaming Suicide” follows in the path blazed by “Lux Æterna” — the album's first single and video dropped off the forthcoming album ‘72 Seasons,’ which is set to drop on April 14th, 2023. 

Speaking on the concept of the album title, James Hetfield said: “72 seasons. The first 18 years of our lives that form our true or false selves. 

“The concept that we were told ‘who we are’ by our parents. A possible pigeonholing around what kind of personality we are. I think the most interesting part of this is the continued study of those core beliefs and how it affects our perception of the world today. 

“Much of our adult experience is reenactment or reaction to these childhood experiences. Prisoners of childhood or breaking free of those bondages we carry.”

Have a geeze at the complete track listing for 72 Seasons below:

72 Seasons

Shadows Follow

Screaming Suicide

Sleepwalk My Life Away

You Must Burn!

Lux Æterna

Crown of Barbed Wire

Chasing Light

If Darkness Had a Son

Too Far Gone?

Room of Mirrors


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