Wes Scantlin admits his viral Nirvana cover back in 2020 was ‘total shit’ and explains why
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Wes Scantlin admits his viral Nirvana cover back in 2020 was ‘total shit’ and explains why

"I'm standing INN YEUR LEIINNN"

Wes Scantlin, just like anyone with ears, reckons his band’s cover of Nirvana’s ‘About A Girl’ from a couple of years ago sounds like ass. 

In a recent interview with Songfacts the Puddle of Mudd frontman openly admitted that the cover sucks, and also explained that he had had a long day so was just too gassed to give a good performance. 

“I was acclimating and it was a tiring day, and I had already performed five or six songs at one time,” the 50-year-old explained. “By the time I got to that one - which I shouldn’t even have done because I cannot nail that song -  I was a little tired.”

“It looked and sounded like total shit. But live to fight another day, dude.”

Words to live by right there. 

The cover in question was originally released in January 2020 but did not cause too much of a ruckus then.

It wasn’t until a few months later - possibly because everyone was bored out of their minds in lockdown - that Puddle of Mudd’s absolute shocker of a cover went viral, spawning loads of reaction videos and even hilarious edits. 

A new Puddle of Mudd album is on the way and Scantlin seems bloody pumped about it. 

“The album is basically done,” he also told Songfacts. “It’s getting mixed and mastered and sprinkling the ‘Disney magical fairy awesome stuff’ on top of it is [producer] John Kurzweg, who did ‘Come Clean’ and ‘Life on Display.”

“He’s making it happen, man. It’s incredible. It’s wonderful to listen to. I pat myself on the back and give credit and love to each and every person that collaborated with me on this next record.”

The upcoming album will be that band’s sixth album and their first since 2019 when they released ‘Welcome to Galvania’.