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Foo Fighters announce epic new Pinball Machine coming soon

Players can track progress, earn game-specific achievements, and participate in promotions and challenge quests.

The pinball machine company Stern Pinball, Inc has announced that they’re unleashing a Foo Fighters-themed pinball machine, and it looks epic.

The pinball machines were created in cooperation with the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, to celebrate the Foo’s being inducted in 2021, and they come in Pro, Premium and Limited Edition models.

Stern’s Foo Fighters machines will feature 15 iconic tunes from the band spanning across their extensive catalogue, while the player immerses themself in in an “epic pinball adventure.”

The machine features hand-drawn artwork and custom animations, and players can track progress, earn game-specific achievements, and participate in promotions and challenge quests. 

“Join Foo Fighters on this rescue mission to thwart the evil, mysterious alien Overlord and his army of bots,” an official description reads.

“Search the Area 51 upper playfield to break into and unleash pinball chaos. Jump in the van for a righteous tour of duty to save humanity from extinction and let rock rule!”

The songs in the game include All My Life, Best of You, Breakout, Everlong, Holding Poison, I’ll Stick Around, Learn to Fly, Monkey Wrench, My Hero, Run, Something from Nothing, The Pretender, This is a Call, Times Like These, and Walk.

“Partnering with Foo Fighters, we created an entirely new pinball universe under the backdrop of incredible music,” said Seth Davis, President & CEO of Stern Pinball, Inc.

“The energy from this unique, fast and flowing game design, choreographed with spectacular light shows and stunning hand-drawn artwork has created the ultimate gaming experience.

“Get connected today and become a hero.”

Unfortunately, the pinball machines are only available in the US - gutting.

But hey, The Morning Rumble are headed to New York at the end of the month, surely Rog wouldn’t mind forking out a cheeky $7,000 USD to get us one. 

An official game trailer was released this morning (March 1), and gives us a good insight into what the machines look like and how they work - have a watch up top.

In other Foo Fighters news, they’ve just announced three new headlining shows for 2023, in New Hampshire, Arkansas and Alabama. Good to see that they’re truly back into the swing of live shows.