WATCH: How-to-Dad breaks Guinness World Record for fastest 100m sprint in jandals
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WATCH: How-to-Dad breaks Guinness World Record for fastest 100m sprint in jandals

This man can, in fact, handle the jandal.

Kiwi legend ‘How-to-Dad’ is now officially the fastest bloke in flip flops after breaking the Guinness World Record for the quickest 100 metres sprint in jandals. 

New Zealand’s favourite dad, real name Jordan Watson, managed to cross the line in 13.62 seconds, beating the previous record by a comfortable 0.26 milliseconds cementing himself in the record books. 

Never in doubt really, apart from when he started twenty metres ahead so had to re-do it, or when the multiple instances of the timer messing up leading to four total attempts having to be done. 

How-to-Dad 100m sprint in jandals
How-to-Dad breaks World Record for fastest 100m sprint in Jandals
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Wilson also told us he “almost tore the hammys off the bone” while making history that day on that fateful racetrack. 

Nothing good ever came easy right?

Jordan tells us one day he found out there are only six jandal-based records in the world, so he told himself “shit, I’m gonna beat one of these.”

How To Dad Jandal 100m Record
How To Dad Jordan Watson can fly in Jandals
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After immediately eliminating the fastest marathon and half-marathon in jandals, he decided on the 100 metres. 

“Some German dude had it, 13.88 seconds and so I figured I’d bloody go down to the running track and try beat it.”

“I’m a pretty average, athletic dad,” he was quick to admit. “I wasn’t fast at school, but I think the person who held the record before me must have been a bit shitter than me. If you’re genuinely quick and chuck on some jandals you’re probably going to blow my record,” he says before begging people not to do exactly that. 

Jordan reckons he’s always been a special thing to watch when wearing jandals. 

“Even before being the jandal dude that some people know me as now, I’ve always been bloody good at running in jandals,” he said. “I can sprint in jandals, run on any surface - they just stick to my feet.”

Listen to the full yarn Jay and Dunc had with world record-breaker How-To-Dad above.