Jetstar’s offering free return flights across NZ and the new 'Jetcar' will sort your ride home
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Jetstar’s offering free return flights across NZ and the new 'Jetcar' will sort your ride home

Saving all that money on the usual trip back from the airport? Sign me up.

From midnight tonight, Jetstar is offering free return flights AND could be sorting your ride home in their new 'Jetcar'. 

For 48 hours the airline company’s ‘Return for FREE’ sale means you can book a flight and only have to pay for the outbound fee with the return fee being free. There’ll also be a few ‘Jetcars’ roaming around in the pick-up/drop-off areas of the Auckland, Christchurch, and Wellington airports. 

‘What’s a ‘Jetcar'?’ you ask, well, Jetcars are Jetstar's own taxis equipped with an orange flag that will suss your ride home, free of charge (up to $100).

Over the sale period (from 8th of March to the 9th of March), all you have to do is hail one of the bad boys as they drive past and you'll be on your way home, potentially saving a bajillion dollars on that taxi home or getting someone to have to pick you up. 

The ‘Return For Free’ flights cover the following trips:

  • Auckland to Christchurch from $62^
  • Auckland to Dunedin from $82^
  • Auckland to Queenstown from $85^
  • Auckland to Wellington from $61^
  • Christchurch to Wellington from $59^
  • Wellington to Queenstown from $71^

Travel dates vary per route but include mid-July to mid-September and mid-October to late November of this year.

Shelley Musk, Jetstar’s Head of New Zealand, reckons New Zealanders deserve this after the rough start 2023 has put them through. 

“It’s been a difficult few months for many Kiwis and with these great low fares, more people have the opportunity to take a well-deserved break or catch up with loved ones,” she said before hinting that those who catch a Jetcar “might score some extra goodies too”.