Liam Gallagher claims an Oasis reunion is 'happening'
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Liam Gallagher claims an Oasis reunion is 'happening'

And Noel hasn't shut down the idea.

Liam Gallagher has told his millions of followers on Twitter an Oasis reunion is "happening," and Noel has responded in a recent interview. 

The 'Some Might Say' group's former frontman is adamant he and estranged sibling Noel are going to put their years of feuding behind them to reunite. But let's be honest, it's certainly not the first time that Oasis comeback rumours have surfaced. 

Recently responding to a Twitter follower who asked what the chances of the band reuniting are, Liam replied: "It’s happening."

"It's happening"

This clearly caught the attention of Noel, who seemingly responded to the tweet in an interview in France on Tuesday (March 21). 

Speaking about the tweet, Noel said "he should get his people to call my people, they know who they are, they know where we are... Stop talking on the fucking internet and let's see what you've got to say."

When the interviewer asks if it's only a matter of a phone call, Noel replies, "you would think right?

"He's got my number, he’s got my manager’s number. Call us."

"But you know what?" Gallagher adds. "He won't call."

When asked why? Noel responds, "Well, why indeed."

Honestly we can't keep up with these two, but I think Oasis fans can all agree a renuinon would be epic.

Noel has released the singles 'Pretty Boy' and 'Easy Now' so far from 'Council Skies', which is out on June 2.

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