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Watch 100 drummers play epic group cover of ‘My Hero’ in memory of Taylor Hawkins

Saturday marked one year since the sudden, tragic passing of the Foos' drummer Taylor Hawkins.

Saturday (March 25) marked one year since the sudden, tragic passing of Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins. 

In honour of the late, great Hawkins, 100 drummers from Belgium joined together for an epic group cover of ‘My Hero’ at Sportpaleis Stadium - the last venue Hawkins performed at in the country.

A video of the cover was posted by the Dutch-speaking radio station Studio Brussel, and saw 100 drummers of all ages join forces with Belgian rock band Black Box Revelation, who handled guitar, bass and vocals. 

A statement from Black Box Revelation says, “Taylor Hawkins was the best drummer of our times. Honouring him with this tribute was an experience we will never forget.”

Have a watch of the cover up top - the video honestly gave me chills. 

You may remember a similar cover happening in May last year, when 1,000 rockers paid tribute to Hawkins by also performing ‘My Hero’ in unison

It was performed by the group The Rockin’1000 - made up of 1000 musicians from around the world, and is also goosebump-inducing. Check that out here.