WATCH: Metallica’s Robert Trujillo covers Black Sabbath’s ‘Hand of Doom’ with wife and daughter
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WATCH: Metallica’s Robert Trujillo covers Black Sabbath’s ‘Hand of Doom’ with wife and daughter

Now that's quality family time.

Legendary Metallica bassist Robert Trujillo teamed up with his wife and daughter to jam out a performance of a Black Sabbath classic - not a bad way to spend family time. 

During their cover of the 1970 Sabbath tune ‘Hand of Doom’, Robert was, of course, playing the bass as his wife Chloe provided the vocals and their daughter Lullah was on the drums. They were also joined by Cesar Soto, a guitarist for the music group Ministry. 

They performed at Whiskey A Go Go club in Hollywood, California, as part of ‘Ultimate Jam Night’, a weekly charity gig. 

Comments on the video are pointing how bloody sick it is that the whole family can get together and play some epic music. 

“The whole fuckin family?” one commenter wrote. “God damn, that ain’t fair lol”

“Wicked,” said another. 

“I must live under a rock,” a third added. “I didn't know Chloe sung. Well, add this to the family album drop.”

Trujillo is set to be a part of one of the most epic metal lineups of all time when he and the rest of Metallica play at Power Trip festival later this year. AC/DC, Tool, Guns N’ Roses, Iron Maiden, and Ozzy Osbourne are also set to perform there. Sheesh. 

Money raised from the gig Trujjilo and his family played at went to Animal Tracks, a non-profit, immersive animal sanctuary for endangered animals that is located in Southern California. 

Founder of Ultimate Jam Night, Chuck Wright, says the charity plays an important role in looking after special animals. 

“Animal Tracks is a unique southern Californian treasure", he said, as reported by Blabbermouth. “Staffed by dedicated volunteers under the direction of trained exotic animal experts, Animal Tracks takes hard-to-place endangered animals and gives them a last-chance home and care. Otherwise, these beautiful creatures would be destroyed."