These are the top 10 most stolen cars in NZ so break out the old steering wheel lock
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These are the top 10 most stolen cars in NZ so break out the old steering wheel lock

Could your car be on the list!?

The 10 cars most likely to get nicked in New Zealand have been revealed, and we reckon you'll wanna have a read before your next purchase. 

Meanwhile, if your old faithful happens to be in the top 10, compiled by AMI Insurance, a quick hoon to the shops to fortify that weapon could be needed. 

Toyota dominates the list so it might be worth getting your mum on the phone because let's be honest, aside from a trusty Hilux, Toyotas absolutely scream middle-aged women.

The Mazda Familia, Subaru Impreza and Toyota Corolla rank 10, 9 and 8 on the list respectively. 

Places seven, six and five are held by the mighty Subaru Legacy, Toyota Vitz and Toyota MarkX (whatever that is) with the Mazda Atenza (aka Mazda 6), Nissan Tiida and the high school girl go-to Mazda Demio filling out spots four, three and two.

Taking over the number one spot is the most-seen car in Auckland City at 2 am on a Saturday night -  the Toyota Prius (or Toyota Aqua) which is officially the most stolen car of 2023.

So if you have been browsing TradeMe for one of these pearlers, maybe have a rethink, or at least make sure you have a bike handy in case you wake up to an empty driveway on a random Wednesday morning.

And if you do already own one of the cars on this list, don't stress too much because over 90% of these stolen cars are eventually returned to their owners.

Making sure valuables are not left in plain sight, parking in well-lit areas and using steering locks are all effective ways to keep prying eyes and reckless robbers away from your gas guzzler (or electricity guzzler if you're that type).




Toyota Prius C (Toyota Aqua)


Mazda Demio


Nissan Tiida


Mazda Atenza (Mazda 6)


Toyota MarkX


Toyota Vitz


Subaru Legacy


Toyota Corolla


Subaru Impreza


Mazda Familia

So if you don't want to find your car smashed through the front window of your local dairy, it might be time to fortify the shit out of it or look at replacing it with something a bit less appealing to thieves.