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Watch Metallica try to master actual puppets on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Plus, Metallica’s new album ‘72 Seasons’ is out NOW. Listen to it here!

Metallica have now done three nights out of their four night residency on Jimmy Kimmel Live, where they not only performed ‘Master of Puppets,’ but they actually tried to master puppets.

In the pre-recorded bit on the late night talk show, the four members of the band head to the Bob Baker Marionette Theatre in LA to learn how to use marionettes, before putting on an actual puppet show for children. 

The puppet-performance told a brief, child-friendly version of how Metallica came to be, and saw James Hetfield as a ‘cool cat’ puppet, Lars Ulrich played a lonely cactus, Kirk Hammett played a donkey that ‘likes to party,’ and Robert Trujillo played the invisible man.

At the end of the show, the lights dim and Metallica’s music starts blasting while the puppets begin headbanging and moshing together. 

The producers of Jimmy Kimmel Live said, "Metallica has had a huge surge of popularity among young people after their song 'Master Of Puppets' was on 'Stranger Things'. So we thought it would be fun to take the band to the Bob Baker Marionette Theater, which is a popular children's puppet spot, to give the guys a chance to master some puppets."

It’s pretty funny to see the metal icons putting on funny voices and attempting to be puppeteers. Have a watch of the video up top.

Elsewhere, the band took the stage to rip through their hit ‘Master of Puppets,’ and it was epic. Hetfield’s vocals were absolutely on point and the band were as cohesive as ever - and how epic that the full 9-minute-performance was aired on late night TV?

Have a watch of the performance below.