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Band create ‘lost’ Oasis album using Artificial Intelligence & Liam Gallagher loves it

This sounds legit as.

A band from the UK have released a “lost” Oasis album created with Artificial Intelligence - and holy shit, it sounds legit. Check it out up top.

The indie band Breezer were fed up and “bored” of waiting for Oasis to reform, so took matters into their own hands to create an eight-track album that sounds like it could’ve been released back in Oasis’ heyday.

They’ve called the album ‘The Lost Tapes Volume I,’ under the band name ‘AIsis.’

Not every element of the album used AI - the music and lyrics were written and recorded by Breezer, and then AI was used to create the Liam-Gallagher-sounding vocals. 

To do this, Breezer frontman Bobby Geraghty cut up various acapella vocals of Liam’s recordings to train AI to learn and imitate his voice. The AI vocals then replaced Bobby’s voice on the tracks. 

“AI is still very much controlled by the user. You need to feed it exactly what it needs to replicate. I don’t think it’s at the point where AI could write a song," he told The Guardian. 

“Although, having said that, a lot of people have asked if the music was AI-generated, which it’s not."

Oasis fans are loving the “lost” album, and even Liam Gallagher has given it the stamp of approval.

Asked by a fan on twitter about AIsis, Liam responded saying the album is “mad as fuck,” adding, “I sound mega.”

The video has racked up over 300,000 views over the last couple of weeks, with the current top comment on YouTube saying, “I think you guys have discovered a version of Liam that Noel can work with.”

Another fan wrote, “I'm an Oasis fan since '94. This is absolutely fucking incredible. It's Oasis. It's unbelievable to hear this. I cannot accept or understand how it's not actually Oasis.” 

Check out AIsis' 'The Lost Tapes Volume I' up top.