In huge news for emos, Fall Out Boy have released a vinyl record made with their actual tears
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In huge news for emos, Fall Out Boy have released a vinyl record made with their actual tears

We wish we were joking.

Emo music sensation Fall Out Boy have made a move that couldn't be more on-brand by releasing a vinyl literally made of their tears. 

‘Crynyl’ is what they’ve called it (I’ll give it a B- ranking on the pun meter). The vinyl is a limited edition version of their latest album ‘So Much (For) Stardust’ that comes with working tissue dispensers. 

The band decided to make ‘Crynyl’ to encapsulate the emotion that goes into making music. 

“Music is more than just sound waves,” Crynyl's website states. “It’s passion, struggle and emotion. That's why we developed a new kind of record: One that contains the artists’ actual tears”

“You’re not just listening to what the artists played, you’re feeling what they felt.”

They also warn that despite the tear-collecting process being highly scientific, the vinyls “may contain eyeliner traces”. It's quite obvious they're poking fun at the whole emo schtick they rose to fame using, which is good to see. You gotta be able to laugh at yourself. 

If you’re hoping to get your hands on the Fall Out Boy fellas' emotional leaking body fluid, you’re out of luck. They only pressed 50 Crynyls and they’re all sold out already (they only just made them available this morning). 

The band did say they are holding a few back (vinyls, not tears) and will inform fans how to get those ones soon. 

Another mystery surrounding the tear-filled records is what was said or done to Patrick, Pete, Andy and Joe to make them cry. Music publication Stereogum posed the question to their readers and there was just one answer.

“Pete: Probably just something about prematurely grey hair,” they said. “The lead singer: Probably fan mail to Pete. The rest of the band: Probably a video of people going around and asking people to name the members of fall out boy not named Pete.

Another comment ignored the question, simply wanting to state: “Glad they didn’t release an ‘Orgasnyl'."

Aren’t we all mate, aren’t we all?