The Warriors' locker room celebration song is going viral again, so what are they saying?
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The Warriors' locker room celebration song is going viral again, so what are they saying?

It's an old tradition, and a goodie.

When the NZ Warriors win an NRL game they head to the locker room and belt out a song. They’ve sung it for the past ten years (at least) and did so on Friday when they beat the Canterbury Bulldogs 24 - 12… but wtf are they actually saying? 

Turns out it’s a pretty straightforward chant to learn. 

“We are the Power. We are the Speed. We are the spirit, that's all we f***kin need! Get out and shout, and say it ‘til the end, we are the WARRIORS 100 percent!”

That’s all it is, according to multiple comments on the video. Keep on repeating it while getting louder and louder and turning the closest surface into a drum and bang, you’ve got the Warriors' post-win locker room song ready to go. 

I say we whip it out next time the Warriors play a home game (May 27th in Napier then June 3rd at Mount Smart). Thousands of people chanting a song that’s part of Warriors’ history? That’d be incredible not only in the moment,  but it'd help build on the already loud and loyal fan culture around the team. 

Especially considering this team is much more composed and poised for sustainable success compared to previous years. After a week of discussions around NRL referees being biased against the Warriors, the team put all the chat to rest with a gritty win over the Bulldogs (with some ref calls actually going our way!). 

Coach Andrew Webster shouted out star Shaun Johnson for his play and leadership in the win. 

“Shaun leads with his voice and he leads with his actions and that's very powerful when a player can do that," Webster said post-match. 

The fellas will get some much-needed rest with a bye this week after playing 4 games in 17 days.