Dave Grohl shares thank you note to Foo Fighters fans for ‘being there’ for them
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Dave Grohl shares thank you note to Foo Fighters fans for ‘being there’ for them

He's thanked fans for showing up and getting through everything together with the band.

Foo Fighters have well and truly returned to the stage, and Dave Grohl has penned a note to thank fans for “being there” for the band. 

It’s been a busy and emotional return to the limelight for the Foos. As you’ll know, they announced their new drummer Josh Freese, released their album ‘But Here We Are’, started playing gigs again and announced a bunch of new tour dates including New Zealand (f*ck yeah!) - all while finding their feet again after the losses of Taylor Hawkins and Grohl’s mum Virginia. 

Grohl took a moment to thank fans this morning (June 7), in a letter he penned and shared to social media. He wrote:


It's been a while .....

Now that we've returned from our first run of shows, I felt compelled to reach out and thank you all for being there for us.

Every night, when I see you singing, it makes me sing harder. When I see you screaming, it makes me scream louder. When I see your tears, it brings me to tears. And when I see your joy, it brings me joy. But, I see you ... and it feels good to see you, churning up these emotions together.

Because we've always done this together.

Time and Time Again.

See You Soon.


Shit that makes us pumped to see them when they head to New Zealand.

Fans online love the letter from Grohl, and a bunch of them have a theory that there could be a deeper meaning hidden within the message.

Let me explain.

Glastonbury Festival has recently released its line-up, and on the bill is a mysterious band called ‘The Churnups’ - who, to our knowledge, don’t exist. 

Fans already had theories that this mysterious band could actually be Foo Fighters disguising themselves under an alias, with one reason being that Grohl used to be in a band called 'Churn' when he was a teenager. 

Now, fans are certain that The Churnups are Foo Fighters, after Grohl used the terminology in his letter, “churning up these emotions together.”

It actually sounds like it could be a legitimate possibility, especially because Foo Fighters have performed under a different name in the past - notably in 2014 when they performed a 600-person secret gig under the name The Holy Sh*ts. 

The Churnups are placed on the main stage at Glastonbury on Friday June 23, before Royal Blood and Arctic Monkeys - so I guess we’ll have to wait and see if the fan theories are correct. 

But for now, start getting fizzed that Foo Fighters are heading to New Zealand in January 2024. Check out all the ticketing and event info here.