Flamin' mongrel: Aucklander spotted watching ‘Home and Away’ while driving on motorway
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Flamin' mongrel: Aucklander spotted watching ‘Home and Away’ while driving on motorway

Don't let old mate Alf see ya doing this.

Any Aucklander will tell you the drive home can be long, stressful and boring, but that’s why you tune into The Rock and listen to our yarns and tunes. 

One commuter from the City of Sails instead decided to watch the classic Down Under soap opera ‘Home & Away’ while behind the wheel and was caught while doing it. While watching the show, she was also reportedly having a hoon on her vape, or 'doucheflute' as it's described.

Someone else stuck in what was probably a marathon of a traffic jam snapped a pic and posted it on the Auckland subreddit.

Note: Do not look at anything on your phone when driving - it endangers yourself and others. Even if traffic is achingly mundane, just don’t do it mate (again, tune into The Rock instead and laugh at or with us). 

Commenters on the posts are mostly pretty mad at the lady behind the wheel, with some strong language used. However, there are also some interesting anecdotes about other people’s entertainment choices when driving a car.

“This is the absolute standard in Japan,” wrote one person. “More people are watching tv than aren't. TVs come standards in the middle of the dashboard.”

“My wife can’t get enough of Alf either,” said another, in reference to the character Alfred James Stewart from the soap. Famous for his colourful language and incredible catchphrases such as "flamin'" and "strewth".

“I feel like she isn't multi-tasking enough,” a third commenter joked. “Perhaps fry an egg and play a game of chess as well?”. 

In other, ‘why the fuck are you watching that while driving’ news, last year an Uber driver was caught with a paused porn video on his car screen in a viral TikTok video.

TikTok user Sal shared a video taken from the back seat of an Uber, where he zooms into the car's dashboard where the electronic screen shows the title of, presumably, an X-rated video.

There’s a time and place for porn and ‘Home and Away’: Never at the same time, and never while driving.