Struck by lightning!
Struck by lightning!
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The Morning Rumble

We rang the bloke who got struck by lightning while driving and it was the ‘call of the year’

“It was frightening at the time but now it’s like ‘surely it won’t happen again.”

Caleb Harris was driving his ute to work earlier this week when he got caught in a storm and before he knew it his truck was on fire. In a stroke of shocking luck, his vehicle had been struck by lightning. 

The Morning Rumble gave Caleb, 20, a bell this morning and god this bloke is a good one. Caleb told us the story while he was still in bed due to the “thunder and lightning going on outside.” Fair enough mate. 

“It was the afternoon, I was just chilling, driving, heading back out to work,” he said. “The weather just made a turn. It started pissing down.”

“I had the window wipers on full go and not long after that, just fucking ‘boom’. I’m straight on the bonnet. There’s a big purple light. Me whole cab just went smoke. Couldn’t see shit because it was still pissing down,” he added. 

When asked if he knew wtf was going on in the moments after the strike, Caleb said he used his deduction skills to figure out what happened. 

“I knew it was lightning. I could see lightning flashes before I drove into the storm. Just thought the only thing it could be was lightning,” he explained. 

Carb admits that he was scared when it happened, but he’s not gonna go and develop a phobia of lightning because of it.

“It was frightening at the time but now it’s like ‘surely it won’t happen again.” That’s some great chat man.

The Morning Rumble were interested in whether Caleb’s insurance would cover the whole ordeal and Caleb, again, delivered some gold. 

“I rang them and said ‘I don’t really know how to explain it, but you know the young fella that got hit by lightning in the ute’, and they were like ‘oh yea we were waiting for you pretty much’,” he said. 

Listen to the whole yarn we had with Caleb above, it’s seriously worth it.