WATCH: Violinist covers ‘Chop Suey’ by System of a Down and blows the roof off the place
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WATCH: Violinist covers ‘Chop Suey’ by System of a Down and blows the roof off the place

Didn't even know violins could do that.

A bloke rocked up to ‘America’s Got Talent’ with just a violin and blew people’s minds with his performance. 

Phillip Bowen, the bloke in question, received a standing ovation after he covered System of a Down’s claaaassic tune ‘Chop Suey’ on his violin. His mum was in the crowd and was brought to tears. Incredible stuff. 

Serj Tankian himself, the frontman for System of a Down, shared a link to Phillip's performance on his Instagram story. You know it's a good cover when the OG artist respects it. 

Commenters on the video found Phillip’s performance phenomenal, admiring the way he works that violin.

“Philip, I just want you to know I gave you a standing ovation at home in my bedroom,” wrote one person. “I'm disabled, but I got to my feet for you because you deserved it. Loved the way you kicked the hat and kept going! I know you're kids are proud of their papa!”

“I really love how he alternated between playing the violin as a violin and alternating it to play it as a fiddle while switching up music genres,” said another. “That takes a huge talent, and he certainly displayed that!!”

“Been watching him on TikTok for a while and he's nothing short of incredible,” a third added. 

“He adds so much to every song he touches. Phenomenal human, exceptional musician... Hope they realize what he brings to the table.”

Last year, someone managed to isolate System of a Down’s frontman Serj Tankian’s vocals from the actual ‘Chop Suey’ song. The end result is insane and made me think...

Someone more technologically savvy than me should combine Serj’s isolated vocals with old mate Phillip's violin cover. Instant boomfa classic right there if you ask me. 

I’m pumped to follow Phil’s ‘Got Talent’ journey and see what other classic tunes he’ll whip out on that violin. What a guy.