WATCH: Guns N’ Roses bring out Dave Grohl to perform ‘Paradise City’ at end of Glastonbury set
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Rock News

WATCH: Guns N’ Roses bring out Dave Grohl to perform ‘Paradise City’ at end of Glastonbury set

"There’s never such a thing as too many guitars."

Glastonbury festival-goers were absolutely treated this past weekend when a legendary band brought on another legendary rock star. 

Guns N’ Roses were rounding out their set on the fabled Pyramid Stage when none other than Dave Grohl walked on stage to help them perform ‘Paradise City’. 

“We’re going to bring out a friend,” frontman Axl Rose said to the rowdy crowd. “Let’s bring out Mr Dave Grohl because there’s never such a thing as too many guitars. There’s no such fucking thing.”

Commenters on the video love the collaboration between two of the genre's biggest icons. 

“Wow, never has one performance wanted me to cheer, laugh, and cry all at once,” wrote one person.

“The power of Guns N Roses has been slowly returning this year,” said another. “Happy to see it!”

“I love that Dave Grohl is hitting every stage and making noise everywhere with everyone!” a third added. “He’s earned it and deserves it.”

As that last comment points out, Dave Grohl put in a massive shift at Glastonbury over the weekend. 

He and the new-look Foo Fighters put on a surprise performance on the third night of Glastonbury, revealing themselves as ‘The Churnups’ - the fake band billed on the festival’s lineup. 

During their set, they dedicated their performance of ‘Everlong’ to their late mate and drummer Taylor Hawkins. 

“So let's sing this one loud as shit for Mr Taylor, all right?” Grohl said before ripping into the tune. 

Dave also hopped on stage with The Pretenders, surprising the audience yet again. Johnny Marr of The Smiths also joined them on stage as the smorgasbord of rock and roll legends performed ‘Tattooed Love Boys’.

Glastonbury is always a highlight of the musical calendar, with new and old icons providing killer performances. 2023 was definitely a year for living legends though.