Axl Rose shouts out iconic Auckland burger joint The White Lady after NZ Guns N' Roses gig
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Axl Rose shouts out iconic Auckland burger joint The White Lady after NZ Guns N' Roses gig

Bloody good to see.

Legendary Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose has praised The White Lady after the equally legendary Auckland burger truck catered the band’s recent gig in the City of Sails. 

As many Aucklanders and visitors to the city have done before, Axl couldn’t resist commending the burger joint as the down-under leg of GNR’s world tour came to an end. 

“A HUGE THANK YOU to Perth, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney, Adelaide n’ Melbourne Australia!!,” the 60-year-old tweeted earlier this week. “And a HUGE THANKS to Wellington n’ Auckland New Zealand!!”

“And of course a shout out to White Lady’s!!”

Although a few people in the replies interpreted the tweet as Axl praising women of the caucasian persuasion, the burger emoji at the end of the tweet confirms he’s celebrating the food truck. 

Max Washer, co-owner of The White Lady, told Stuff that the band requested his team cater for them, and they couldn’t of been happier to do it. 

“We really appreciate Axl Rose and Guns N’ Roses for the support,” he said. 

“We heard through various sources they were big fans, and they requested for us to cater, so we had a truck backstage for the crew and band.”

Max also revealed that the band chowed down on White Lady burgers at GNR’s last gig in Auckland half a decade ago. 

“They asked us to cater for their last concert in 2017, but it was kind of a last-minute, on-the-day thing,” he explained. 

Instead of bringing the truck in, Max and his sister Maia rocked up to the concert with burgers in hand. 

Washer kept Axl and the rest of the band’s specific orders secret from Stuff but did say the specially requested which burgers they wanted to munch on. 

It’s bloody good to know that one of the best bands of all time has a craving for some good Kiwi tucker whenever they’re in town.