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Watch this insane footage of two Alaskan grizzly bears in the longest bear fight ever recorded

The brutal fight lasted nearly nine minutes.

Insane footage of two male grizzly bears having an intense fight has emerged online this week, and it’s honestly the most wild bear fight we’ve ever seen.

The video, which was uploaded to YouTube by Alaskan wildlife biologist and wilderness guide Brad Josephs, shows the two grizzly bears at Lake Clark National Park competing for breeding season dominance. 

Josephs, who’s been guiding on the Alaska peninsula for 25 years, says the fight was the “longest, most intense bear interaction” he’s ever seen.

Fights between grizzlies are usually known to be intense and quick, but this grapple lasted nearly nine minutes, which is pretty farkin’ impressive. The bears even take moments throughout the fight to catch their breath while you can hear them panting. 

Male grizzly bears weigh an average of 180 to 320 kgs, and these two were definitely a couple of big boys. 

Speaking to Outside, Josephs said the fight “just kept going and going.”

“I was astounded by the determination and stamina of both bears as they battled for mating season dominance rights,” he added. 

At the end of the fight, one of the bears bows his head in submission to communicate that the fight was over and he lost, while the winning grizzly walks away. 

Unreal. Have a watch of the brutal fight up top. 

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