Face ripped off by a bear
Face ripped off by a bear
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‘Peeled all the skin back’: How the bloke who got face ripped off by grizzly bear survived

This has one of the most insane yarns we have ever heard.
14 April 2023 2:26PM

This has got to be up there with one of the most insane yarns we have ever heard.

Jeremey Evans, A.K.A. The Grizzly Dude, was hunting in the Alberta Rockies in Canada back in 2017, when he stumbled upon a bear cub.

In a matter of seconds, the cub’s mum - an angry grizzly bear - came charging at Jeremy.

Before he had a chance to grab his bear spray, the grizzly crunched his right hand as he tried to defend himself with his backpack.

He was then able to run to a tree, but the grizzly appeared at the bottom and wrapped her paws around his right leg, directly into her mouth.

“She lunged up, grabbing me behind the knee, crushing my knee and severing all the ligaments.”

He hit the ground, the grizzly grabbed him in the love handle area, and threw him about 6 feet. That’s when she got her first proper bite, and shit from here just gets more and more wild. 

For all the gory details, have a watch of the interview up top. We promise you it’s worth it. 

You can also check out a shorter version of the story below.