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NASA and Metallica team up to drop epic promo video for NASA’s 2024 moon mission

What do NASA and Metallica have in common? 'Fuel' and fire.

What do NASA and Metallica have in common? 'Fuel' and fire. 

NASA have dropped a new video to promote their 2024 Artemis 2 flyby of the moon mission, and they’ve teamed up with Metallica for the soundtrack.

NASA is sending four astronauts to orbit around the moon in November next year, which will mark human’s first return to the moon since the Apollo 17 mission back in 1972. 

To promote their lunar mission, NASAR dropped a 42-second teaser video featuring footage of the crew, as well as clips from their previous successful moon-orbiting mission from last year, where they sent the un-crewed Artemis 1. 

The footage is edited along to Metallica’s ‘Fuel’ off their 1997 album Reload - and it’s pretty f**king sick.

NASA shared the clip last week, along with the caption: “Give me that which I desire. This #InternationalDayofRock, @Metallica is adding ‘Fuel’ to the fire of our #Artemis missions to the Moon.”

Have a watch of the promo video up top. 

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