Watch: Axl Rose's wholesome reaction to fan who named her son after him
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Watch: Axl Rose's wholesome reaction to fan who named her son after him

Axl has definitely mellowed out a bit in recent years.

Some photos and videos of Axl Rose meeting fans in Italy have recently been doing the rounds online, and it looks like he had some pretty wholesome interactions with them. 

Guns N’ Roses played in Rome on Saturday (July 8), and Axl decided to stop and meet some fans and sign some autographs while he was there. In one video, Axl can be seen signing autographs when a woman says, “Axl this is my son. I’ve loved you since 1987.”

Axl asks the fan how to spell her son’s name, to which she replies “Axl.”

“Is it A-X-E-L?” the GNR frontman asks, before she points at the frontman and tells him it’s spelt the same as his. 

Axl cracks a wee smile and turns around to a crew member, pointing at the name he had just written down, explaining that it’s spelt the same as his. He then turns back round and gives the woman a hug. 

The video was shared to the Guns N’ Roses reddit thread, and a bunch of fans took to the comments to praise Axl for how much he seems to have mellowed out in recent years.

“I’m really digging Axl at this stage of life. He really seems to be enjoying life,” the top comment reads.

Another person wrote, “people talk about how the 80s/90s version of him was "Peak Axl", but to me Axl is the best he has ever been right now, in all the ways that matter as a human being living in the world with other human beings.”

They continued, “It's really inspiring to see him get to this point in his life, knowing how hard he must have worked on himself mentally to achieve it.”

It seems this Axl is certainly different from the old Axl, who was notorious for showing up to his own gigs hours late or not at all, exiting the stage early, public brawls and feuds, fighting with fans, the list goes on.

Check out some other photos and videos from Axl’s interactions with his Italian fans below.