WATCH: Jason Momoa gets amongst it in the mosh at Metallica and Pantera gig
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WATCH: Jason Momoa gets amongst it in the mosh at Metallica and Pantera gig

Jason Moshmoa getting rowdy.

Aquaman himself charged into the moshpit at a recent Metallica and Pantera gig. 

Jason Momoa rocked up to the show in LA where Pantera were opening for Metallica (what a lineup) and unsurprisingly, was filmed by heaps of people in the mosh. Footage posted to TikTok by @thekrystalmethod0 shows the ‘Game of Thrones’ actor charging around the snake pit and getting rowdy, but not too rowdy, with other hearty fans. 

“These fuckers opened with ‘Whiplash’!” Momoa screamed before boosting into the festivities in a video obtained by Stereogum

Another video shows Momoa with a sweaty t-shirt jumping up and down in a mosh that’s “not super wild”. The person who uploaded the footage, @thefarpost, said the actor was “super cool and took pics with kids and folks on wheelchairs”.

After the show, the Hollywood star met Metallica, sharing pictures on Instagram. Momoa wanted to bring his mate Travis Snyder along, but the dude, unfortunately, had to undergo an emergency medical treatment as he is battling cancer. 

Thankfully, Travis got to meet the band through a Facetime call the actor made. 

“We had it all set up,” the ‘Fast X’ star wrote in his Instagram caption. “I’m so thankful for everyone who made it possible for Travis to see Metallica and Pantera.”

“This was a dream for Travis and unfortunately he had an emergency last night but he’s good and healing. Still needs your aloha and mana, but I’m so thankful to Metallica for connecting with him - you guys are the soundtrack to our lives.”

Another one of Jason's mates may be familiar to you. A few weeks ago he was hanging out with the legend Tana Umaga, who gifted him a rare, game-worn All Blacks jersey. 

Momoa posted the meeting and exchanging of gifts - Tana was given a hoodie from the star’s new collection - to his Instagram, where he showered the All-Black legend with respect in the caption. 

Aquaman really is just out here doing sidequests.