WATCH: All Blacks forward pack pick up and move parked Land Rover blocking their bus
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WATCH: All Blacks forward pack pick up and move parked Land Rover blocking their bus

Lift with ya knees fellas.

Argentina better hope they’re not Car-gentina tomorrow because the All Blacks will make light work of them. 

Footage from the Front Row Daily Podcast shows the forward pack moving a parked Land Rover Discovery that was blocking their bus. There’s plenty of grunting and cheering as they shift the 3-tonne car closer to the curb. 

“Teamwork on and off the field,” the team’s official X account posted. 

Commenters are obviously impressed with the feat but concerned about the players potentially getting hurt. 

“Great team building but mind those backs boys,” one person wrote. “Don’t wanna an unwarranted unnecessary injury.”

“Can you guys be careful?!” another said. “Before somebody has an injury ahead of the big game!”

“You can’t park there mate,” a third added. 

The ABs take on Argentina in the semi-final of the Rugby World Cup this Saturday at 8 AM. It took a valiant effort against Ireland in the quarter-finals to get to this moment.

After the game, headlines were made when the Irish first-five Johnny Sexton could be seen mouthing off to NZ centre Rieko Ioane. No one really knew what it was about until an Irish newspaper called out Rieko for a bit of showboating. 

According to the Irish Times, Rieko taunted the Irish faithful in the stands. Photos have emerged of the centre putting his hand to his ear and giving the green jerseyed fans a ‘shush’. 

“Ioane, in a classless gesture, put his finger to his lips while looking at the Irish crowd, and then felt compelled to bid farewell to Sexton," the publication wrote.

Sexton would have taken offence to this and ran his famous mouth at Rieko.

Here’s hoping Rieko and the rest of the team are celebrating again after the Argentina game. Go the boys.