WATCH: Dave Grohl is a drunk uncle and the Foo Fighters play 'Rescued' and 'The Glass' on SNL
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WATCH: Dave Grohl is a drunk uncle and the Foo Fighters play 'Rescued' and 'The Glass' on SNL

The band also dressed up as Wizard of Oz characters and yea, you can't unsee it.

This week, ‘Saturday Night Live’ was graced by the presence of the Foo Fighters, who performed two tracks from their latest album and showed off their comedy chops. 

Frontman Dave Grohl led the band in a performance of ‘Rescued’ and then ‘The Glass’, which are both on the band’s 2023 project ‘But Here We Are’. 

Christopher Walken introduced the band for their first song. This is a bit of an inside joke on SNL as the actor’s introduction of the band back in 2002 is infamous for his emphasis on the 'FIGHT' of Foo Fighters.  

The Foos were joined by R&B singer H.E.R during their performance of ‘The Glass’. She busted out her insane vocals as well as doing a pretty sick job on the guitar. 

The fellas also got involved with some skits.  Snippets are already floating around online and by the looks of things, they did all right. 

One skit involved a mix up with a pregnant woman on a plane and Dave Grohl dressed as a doctor for Halloween

In the other skit, the band is no longer the Foo Fighters. Instead, they’re Mudpuddle - a country rock band that’s making a music video for their latest tune ‘Lake Beach’. 

The tune is all about what it’s like to be an American sipping beer and playing games at the beach of a lake. Halfway through the faux music video, Grohl appears as a drunk uncle and berates a kid for not knowing how to correctly play cornhole. 

For a video promoting their ninth SNL appearance, the band dressed up as the ‘Wizard of Oz’ characters. 

It may be the Halloween season, but the band weren't Foo-cking scary-looking at all.