Ozzy Osbourne dresses up as Kanye West for Halloween and people are confused as hell
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Ozzy Osbourne dresses up as Kanye West for Halloween and people are confused as hell

Didn't have this one on the cards.

Halloween is a time where you can expect the unexpected… In this case, we did not expect Ozzy Osbourne to dress up as Kanye West this week, but here we are.

The Prince of Darkness and Sharon Osbourne took to social media to post a photo of themselves dressed as rapper Kanye West and his reported wife Bianca Censori for the spooky holiday - and there are a lot of confused people in the comment section.

The outfits definitely need some context, so let me explain. (Never did I ever think I would be explaining Kanye West shenanigans for an article for The Rock.)

Recently, Kanye and Bianca were snapped by the paparazzi while in Italy, dressed in some bizarre clothing choices. Bianca was wearing a pair of nude-coloured tights and slippers while clutching a purple cushion to cover up her chest, while Kanye was wearing his usual all-black, baggy outfit. Not long before this, they'd gotten in trouble in Venice for public indecency. 

And I won’t lie, it looks like the Osbourne’s have nailed the recreated look. Sharon took on the nude-coloured tights and cushion combo, while Ozzy was dressed in all-black, with the addition of long black gloves, dark sunnies and a face covering. 

Some people in the comments are confused as fk, while others have praised the iconic couple.

“What the fuck,” one person eloquently wrote. 

“This is actually so funny lmao,” another commented.

But the winning comment for me personally, is, “I’m going off the rails on the crazy Ye.”

That’s enough internet for today.