WATCH: 12yo kid joyriding in stolen forklift leads cops on hectic chase through suburbs
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WATCH: 12yo kid joyriding in stolen forklift leads cops on hectic chase through suburbs

The young fella took out ten parked cars like it was nothing.

'Fast and Furious' writers may want to take note of this American schoolkid who led cops on a high-speed chase that would have Vin Diesel sweating. 

According to YahooMichigan police were called to Forsythe Middle School late Sunday night (US time) after someone spotted the 12-year-old getting into a Construction Genie GTH-636 Telehandler. 

When cops arrived, they saw him driving the 17.5-tonne vehicle through the streets. During the hour-long chase, the kid hit ten parked cars. Luckily, no one was injured. 

“Multiple officers initiated a pursuit of the vehicle at speeds of 15 to 20mph with emergency lights and sirens on,” police said.

“During the pursuit, the driver of the stolen vehicle travelled through the Georgetown Boulevard neighbourhood, striking approximately ten parked vehicles.”

“This was a very dangerous situation that could’ve easily ended with serious injuries.”

Apparently, the kid was able to get into the behemoth piece of machinery because someone had left the keys in the cab. 

After the chase ended, the joyriding whippersnapper was taken into custody and is now in a juvenile detention centre. 

Another police chase went viral earlier this year, featuring a vigilante pizza delivery man hitting the fleeing criminal with an insane ankle tap. 

29-year-old Tyler was delivering pizza to a home in Aston, Pennsylvania when an alleged car thief drove across the house’s lawn before the driver jumped out and started running from the cops. 

The clip, which was recorded via a doorbell camera, shows Tyler realising a car chase was unfolding on the street as he says, “Oh, shit.”

He starts to approach the scene, and says “You better not hit my f**king car, dude.”

The suspect then jumps out of the car and starts running across the footpath. That’s when Tyler executes his ankle tap perfectly. 

Safe to say that a pizza man’s foot would have no chance against a 17,500kg forklift with a mad lad kid behind the wheel.