'Never had a dud album': Sharon Osbourne tears up accepting Rolling Stone Icon Award for Ozzy
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'Never had a dud album': Sharon Osbourne tears up accepting Rolling Stone Icon Award for Ozzy

"Ozzy is what rock and roll is all about."

Ozzy Osbourne wasn't able to accept an award so his wife Sharon did, delivering an emotional speech that sums the rockstar up pretty well. 

At the first-ever Rolling Stone UK Awards, Ozzy was officially deemed a legend by the publication. Fellow musician Yungblud presented the Icon Award to Sharon, who accepted it since Ozzy was under doctor's orders not to travel. 

“Well, sorry guys, you got the booby prize tonight,” she said. “You got me instead of the legend. But Rolling Stone UK, you have no idea what it means to an artist to be on a cover of Rolling Stone.”

“I can remember when Ozzy first got the cover. He said, ‘Does this mean I’ve made it now?’ And I’m like, ‘Yeah, I think so. Of all the other music press, Rolling Stone has always been the most important.”

“It was the only music magazine out there that covered every genre of music. Everybody was included and the journalists were shit hot and you know that if you were covered, you were making an impact on what you love to do – which is music – and it’s all Ozzy’s ever known his entire life.”

At this point, Sharon had to pause as she was tearing up. Fighting back the emotions, she then talked about how she wished the man himself was there. 

“When Ozzy first met Yungblud he said, ‘I’ve just met myself.’ He just adores him, and I’m just so fucked off that he’s not here tonight, but it means so much and he’s worked so hard his entire life to give back.”

He’s been making music for 55 years and he’s never had a dud album.

"He’s sold 150 million albums in those 55 years, and I am just so proud of him as a man and as a musician. It’s been my honour to be on his coattails.”

“Thank you for constantly supporting him. Ozzy is what rock and roll is all about. He’s wild, he’s fabulous, he’s talented."

He’s like a fucking uncaged animal, and I adore him and I know you all do. Thank you so much.

Ozzy sent a video message in, apologising for his absence, crediting his success to his fans and warning everyone to keep Sharon away from the bar.

We all know how much of a legend Ozzy is but Sharon described his legacy and impact perfectly.  We hope he gets well soon.