Dave Grohl spends 18 hours cooking for Melbourne's homeless during day off in Aussie
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Dave Grohl spends 18 hours cooking for Melbourne's homeless during day off in Aussie

If ya needed another reminder how much of a legend he is.

Through all the ups and downs of his epic career, Dave Grohl has always found the time to help those who need it and his recent trip to Aussie was no different. 

During the Foo Fighters Australia tour, the frontman had a day off and decided to get cooking with The Big Umbrella, a meal supplier for Australia’s homeless. 

According to their Instagram post, Dave and a few of his mates cooked 120kg of pork and beef before heading to Melbourne's Fed Square the next day to serve it. While the food was getting into hungry hands, temperatures rose to 36 degrees, but Grohl and the rest of the crew powered through it. 

“Our friends on the street were treated to an epic American-style BBQ with all the trimmings prepared by rock legend Dave Grohl,” The Big Umbrella wrote. 

“The vibe was at an all-time high at Fed Square for this very special one-off lunch feast. It will be a day 'our friends on the streets' will never forget as they brushed up against a rock legend and one of the nicest guys on the planet who genuinely cares for people in need.”

“No words can fully capture the impact of this positive experience.”

“They arrived at 9 AM to MG’s kitchen bounding with energy and enthusiasm to prep soft potato rolls piled high with pulled pork, coleslaw and pickles, smoked pork ribs and succulent beef brisket.”

“Dave, Nick and Nat served tirelessly in the sweltering heat for over 2 hours feeding 430 meals, posing for photos, and signing whatever people found from cardboard plates and t-shirts whilst also being so humble.”

It’s no surprise that Grohl continues to be such a legend, but it’s always good to document it just in case anyone forgets it. 

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