Warriors v All Blacks: Google NZ reveals which sports team Kiwis searched for the most in 2023
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Warriors v All Blacks: Google NZ reveals which sports team Kiwis searched for the most in 2023

Which bandwagon were you on?

After a bloody ripper of a year for NZ sport, Kiwis have been chucking their support behind the codes.

Whether it's riding high on the mighty Warriors bandwagon or throwing our weight into backing black in the Rugby World Cup, we were keeping our eyes on the games.

The Wahs and All Blacks have been revealed as the top two sports teams Kiwis searched for in Google’s 2023 ‘Year in Search’ compared to where they sat in 2022, but only one can rule the ranks.

Despite making it all the way to the end with a fighting chance of taking home this year’s Rugby World Cup, the All Blacks fell just short of taking the win.

Unfortunately, we’ve got a replay on the TMO and history has repeated itself as ‘All Blacks’ sit in second place behind the ‘Warriors’ search results.

The bandwagon is busting at the wheels from the weight of every dad, Chad and Brad squeezing their way into the support crew.

“Up the Wahs” was the only thing blurted from Kiwis' mouths between July - October, and with their efforts in making it to the prelim finals, there’s no doubt why they were the top sports team NZers searched for this year.

The top sports teams New Zealanders searched for in 2023:

1. Warriors
2. All Blacks
3. Black Caps
4. Inter Miami
5. Lakers
6. Football Ferns
7. Wrexham
8. Chiefs
9. Breakers
10. Manchester City

As for the standout events that had us on the edge of our couches, we were spoiled for choice from the Women’s FIFA World Cup, Men’s Rugby World Cup, NRL, Cricket World Cup and plenty of international games and fights to add to the list. 

Here are the top sporting events New Zealanders searched for in 2023:

1. Rugby World Cup
2. FIFA World Cup
3. NRL Ladder
4. Cricket World Cup
5. Warriors vs Broncos
6. All Blacks vs Ireland
7. ASB Classic
8. Ashes
9. All Blacks vs France
10. Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury

Cheers to 2023 for a stunner of a time, here’s to what 2024 has to offer.