'ARE YOU JOKING ME!?': Kiwi fisherman's massive catch spits out a second fish in viral video
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'ARE YOU JOKING ME!?': Kiwi fisherman's massive catch spits out a second fish in viral video

Greatest two-for-one special I've ever seen.

'Pics or it didn't happen' has never been more true than for one bloke who had a fishing yarn that his mates wouldn't have believed.

Joe Edlington, a hunting and fishing content creator based in the West Coast, reeled in a pretty gnarly-looking fish before it unexpectedly spat out a second one. This prompted Joe and his mate Muzz to go batshit wild in a confused celebration, which makes the already hectic moment even better.

Like any proud fisherman, Joe posted it to his Instagram where it racked up over 8 million views - I reckon about half of them are from me rewatching in absolute disbelief.

Commenters are spitting out jokes like they’re a… fish with a fish inside of it, I guess. 

“Just wanted to look lean for the photos,” one person wrote. 

“‘Hold this for me while we get a pic bro’,” said another. 

“Glitch in the matrix,” a third added. 

“When you’re trying to add weight to your fish for the competition but your fish isn’t playing the part,” one more wrote. 

Joe may have the craziest reel-in I’ve ever seen, but last year a bunch of Kiwi fellas filmed what is undoubtedly one of the best fishing trips of all time. 

Stef The Māori uploaded the adventure to his TikTok. He cuts down the four-day trip into just eight minutes and trust me, it is worth the watch.

“Looks like there’s trouble brewing in the north,” Stef said to start the video. If by trouble he meant some massive feeds, bigger catches and plenty of beers, he was right. 

They caught huge crayfish, cooked a legit restaurant menu amount of food and were talking shit to each other the whole time. The stuff of dreams. 

If you've got a pang of envy watching these, just use them as motivation to get out on the water this weekend and try to suss an even better catch.