A Kiwi bloke has created a Google map of NZ's award-winning pies so here's where to snag 'em
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A Kiwi bloke has created a Google map of NZ's award-winning pies so here's where to snag 'em

Legendary status.

One absolute Kiwi legend has made it too easy for us to grab an award-winning pie.

The meat-filled, flaky-topped greatness has been a longtime staple of Kiwi lunches and many a smoko.

Reddit user @elvis-brown is a self-proclaimed pie lover and has spent the last six years wrangling together a list of all the best ones around New Zealand.

“I've added them all to Google Maps,” the fella said in his post. Genius!

You've gotta check out just how many he's squeezed into his map. The pies range all the way from the lower south in Catlins to Waipu up north.

You’re gonna have to do one bloody mahuusive roadie if you're keen to make your way through all 69 pies, but we might just be ON to say we’ve done it.

The potato top at Copenhagen Bakery in Christchurch, Nada Bakery’s steak and cheese in Wellington, and PieFee’s chicken and vegetable pie in Auckland are just a few to get your munch on.

And it’s not just meat pies on the list, he’s also added in a few sweet options as well as the vegan pie award results.

You already know loads of Kiwis are patting him on the back for the HUGE effort.

“You out here doing God's work,” one wrote under his post. 

Another agreed: “Best road trip tool ever. You have done NZ a great service.”

“It just makes deciding on a snack that much easier when travelling,” wrote a third.

It's a bit of a bugger, but we don’t think the ‘Vie’ - as it’s called - will be copping a spot on the map anytime soon.

Yeah, that went too far even for our taste buds. No matter how good a can and pie combo is, there was no way that one was going to stick around. 

Right, I’m off to go sink my teeth into some pastry now that I know where I can snag a mean one!