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Ozzy Osbourne and Billy Morrison drop heavy new track and music video, ‘Crack Cocaine’

Wake up, new Ozzy has dropped!

Wake up, new Ozzy has dropped!

British musicians Billy Morrison and Steve Stevens, who are both longtime guitarists for Billy Idol, have teamed up with Ozzy Osbourne to release a new track ‘Crack Cocaine’ along with a music video. 

The new tune, which was co-written by the three musicians, begins with a bluesy feel before ripping into a thumping wave of guitar. Ozzy’s vocals are instantly recognisable as he sings the opening verse:

‘I guess the way that your love makes me feel
Must mean I'm really addicted
Sometimes I wonder, is your love really real?
Or am I simply afflicted’

‘Crack Cocaine’ is all about comparing love to addiction, and apparently the lyrics were written in just 20 minutes.

"I was in the same room as Billy and Steve," Ozzy said about co-writing the song. "The lyrics just came out of the blue. It was written in about 20 minutes,” BlabberMouth reports.

Speaking about the song’s writing session, Billy Morrison said: "The music was a direct result of sitting in a room with Steve, both with de-tuned guitars, and writing what we felt was an ultimate Ozzy riff. 

“From there, we brought Ozzy over, and we all sat around working on the lyrics, but 90 percent of those came from Ozzy himself. He's the one that suddenly stood up and sang, 'Like Crack Cocaine'!! We looked at each other and knew we had the title!!"

And I gotta admit - hearing Ozzy sing the line ‘like crack cocaine’ is weirdly satisfying on the ears. Tuuuune!

Along with the song comes a new music video featuring Michael Jackson’s daughter Paris Jackson, as well as RISK and Jeff Hilliard. One glance at the comment section shows fans are loooooving the new song and music video.

“For a Heavy song - it looks like it was fun making this video by all. Ozzy is the Master of the voice - Steve Stevens did what he does BEST - Billy was the glue that solidified the group. Good job guys,” one person commented.

“This feels like No More Tears/Ozzmosis era stuff. Such a cool song,” another person wrote. 

‘Crack Cocaine’ comes as part of Billy Morrison’s fourthcoming album ‘The Morrison Project,’ which is set for release April 19th. Have a watch of the new track and music video up top!