Emo couple get married in church featured in My Chemical Romance’s ‘Helena’ music video
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Emo couple get married in church featured in My Chemical Romance’s ‘Helena’ music video

The couple met at an emo karaoke night and four years later, got hitched in the 'Helena' church.

A couple who met at an Emo Karaoke event recently got hitched in the church that was featured in My Chemical Romance’s ‘Helena’ music video - proving that it wasn’t a phase, mom. 

The happy couple, named Vanessa and Jordan, told People that they met through friends at an emo karaoke event named ‘Emo Nite,’ and started dating shortly after. 

Four years later, Jordan popped the big question, and the two agreed that the Immanuel Presbyterian Church, which has also been featured in Korn and Ozzy Osbourne’s work, would be the place to say ‘I do.’

"When we first started talking about the wedding, I joked, 'what if we get married in the 'Helena' music video church?'" Vanessa said. "I'm a big My Chemical Romance fan and we had gone to an event they always have there called 'Ghouls Day Out.'"

During ‘Ghouls Day Out,’ punters are invited to dress as dark, gothic characters, and the church is decorated to look just like the ‘Helena’ music video. 

“We went to one of those [events] a few months before we got engaged, and I got teary-eyed. I knew I wanted to have either my wedding or my funeral there,” says Vanessa.

My Chemical Romance’s 2005 music video for ‘Helena’ shows the band and other funeral guests at the church, mourning, crying and dancing - and a body rising from the dead is also chucked in there for good measure. 

Vanessa and Jordan made sure to decorate the church similarly to the music video once the wedding day rolled around, and to tie it all together, Vanessa walked down the aisle to an acoustic version of ‘Helena.’

Vanessa says the wedding was “a dream come true” and has posted some videos of the day to her TikTok channel.

Fast forward to a few months after the wedding, Vanessa and Jordan returned to the church to announce they’re now expecting a baby. The couple posted a video to TikTok a couple of days ago in the church, holding a My Chemical Romance onesie, saying in the caption they ‘can’t wait for this little one to come.’

Congrats to the happy emo couple!